The VeeMax® Chevron pattern sludge plow is designed for heavy, relatively viscous, sludges such as those in water treatment where flocculants are added or lime is settled.

The VeeMax® Chevron pattern, available in duplex or simplex configuration, plows furrows of sludge progressively toward the sludge hopper at an average tip speed of 3m per minute.

The VeeMax® sludge plow can be readily adapted to sludge thickening with the addition of the picket fence module.

  •   Typically used for clarifiers under 20M
  •   Ideal for high sludge loading applications
  •   Mounting bar is suspended and adjustable from bridge
  •   No contact with the floor, less wear
  •   Low load on centre column bearing
  •   No rollers required to support scraper blades
  •   Fully adjustable squeeges
  •   Easily replaceable squeeges

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