Rotary Disc Dryer

HUBER’s RotaDry is a compact and efficient method to dry municipal sludge to 40 – 45%DS. Sludge disposal costs are slashed by over 50% due to the volume reduction.

The HUBER RotaDry Disc Dryer has been designed to dry municipal sludge to up to 40-45% dry solids, which results in a significant cost reduction for offsite transport and allows the opportunity for expanded biosolids reuse or use as a fuel source.

Exhaust heat from biogas processes, or hot water generated in anaerobic digester heat exchanger loops are commonly used as the heat source, providing a sustainable balance that reduces CO2 impact and operating costs.

The dryer is very compact with a small footprint relative to full thermal drying. It is an ideal process step upstream of sludge incineration plants.