Septic Sludge Screening

HUBER provides complete systems and processes for septic sludge screening and treatment. Our equipment, as proven during many years of experience, is especially suited for septic sludge treatment. Hundreds of ROTAMAT® plants for septic sludge treatment have been installed worldwide.

Efficient treatment of septic sludges by means of:

– ROTAMAT® Fine Screen with integrated screenings press Ro 3

– Complete Plant with integrated grit trap Ro 3.3

– ROTAMAT® Wash Drum RoFAS

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How It Works

The ROTAMAT® Sludge Acceptance Tank Ro 3 is used for mechanical treatment of septic sludge.

A ROTAMAT® Fine Screen Ro 1 or ROTAMAT® Micro Strainer Ro 9 is installed in a tank. The septic sludge is fed into the tank and, as it flows through the Fine Screen or Micro Strainer, all coarse material is retained.

A screw conveyor with integrated screenings press removes the screenings from the tank, reduces their volume and weight and drops them into a container or bagging device. The entire treatment takes place in a fully enclosed system; odour nuisance is thus prevented. The screenings are additionally washed which makes them suitable for landfill. The filtrate is blended into the wastewater for further treatment in the WWTP. If an outstanding separation efficiency is required, every version of Sludge Acceptance Plant can be alternatively equipped with the well-proven ROTAMAT® Rotary Drum Fine Screen Ro 2.

  • High solids throughput even with problematic material (tresses, grease, stones)
  • High hydraulic capacity even with high solids contents
  • High yield by coarse material washing
  • Defined separation size due to two-dimensional screening
  • Feeding from a conveyor, through a launder channel or pressure line
  • Completely encased unit
  • Insensitive to coarse material
  • 3 to 100 mm separation size
  • Fully automatic cleaning of the perforated plate
  • Screened wastewater can be used as wash water
  • Short tanker vehicle emtpying times
  • Optional simultaneous emptying of several vehicles
  • Minimum wear, reduced maintenance
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Low energy demand
  • Adjustable rotary drum speed
  • Manufactured entirely of stainless stee