Activated Sludge

RoadTrain® packaged plants can be designed using continuous activated sludge process and configured for nutrient removal if tighter discharge limits are required.

RoadTrain® has been installed in over 150 sites around the world, and is well suited to remote locations where a high level of both process and mechanical robustness is required.

The system is fabricated and assembled offsite to minimize site installation times. Typically the design includes:
  • Inlet screening system
  • Equalization
  • Anoxic zone (if required)
  • Aeration Reactor with diffuser system
  • Aeration Blowers
  • Secondary clarifiers with sludge airlift
  • Disinfection
  • Sludge management

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Key Advantages
Sizing & Performance
Case Studies
  • Tight discharge limits can be met
  • Robust heavy duty construction. Systems from the late 1960s are still in operation
  • Modular system which can be easily upgraded to increase capacity
  • Simple process operation, ideal for remote locations
  • Proven in over 150+ installations around the world
  • From 60 to 1000EP in a single train
  • BOD < 15 mg/L
  • TSS < 10 mg/L
  • TN < 30 mg/L or < 10 mg/L for tight discharges
  • TP < 10 mg/L or 1 mg/L for tight discharges
Hydroflux Epco – RoadTrain® Package Sewage Treatment Plant