Brush Paddlewheel Aerator

MONSOON floating paddlewheel aerators produce strong horizontal mixing and high oxygen transfer for oxidation ditches, lagoons and tanks. Use individually, or in groups, to develop large overall flow patterns..
MONSOON aerators can be used individually or in groups to aerate and mix any or all parts of a basin. Models are available from 2 to 40 Hp (1.5 to 30 kW).

Super high oxygen transfer rates and strong horizontal mixing are produced by this floating paddlewheel aerator. MONSOON aerators produce higher oxygen transfer rates than vertical surface mechanical aerators.

The slowly rotating brush rotor efficiently introduces high levels of oxygen into the wastewater with strong raining aeration while maximizing efficiency by using horizontal mixing action. Its wide paddlewheel effectively distributes the energy over the surface while specially shaped blades scoop water into the air with maximum efficiency.