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Ideal for both centralised and decentralised removal of wastewater generated odour

Photoionisation Explained

The NEUTRALOX® Photoionisation process is a physical-chemical off-gas treatment process for control of odours originating from waste, sewage and sludge- treatment processes. The technology is essentially based on the application of UV-light and catalysts.

In addition to odour reduction, extensive air disinfection is also provided with the photoionisation treatment process.
Photoionisation, Fotooxidation, inlet structure
The NEUTRALOX® Photoionisation process
The raw untreated gas first passes through a dust filter which is contained in an easily accessible compartment of the system. The dust filter pressure drop is controlled by a pressure gauge mounted at the unit which will activate an alarm when it requires cleaning or replacing. The off-gas then passes through the UV-compartment where UV-light initiates catalytic enhanced chemical reactions which result in significant reduction of odour.

The linkages of odour molecules are broken-up by the UV-light and the reaction between UV-light and naturally occurring constituent within the air also creates additional oxidants to further degrade or otherwise eliminate odours. The reaction is enhanced by photocatalysts. The catalyst provides further degradation of odorous compounds and prevents the release of oxidants into the atmosphere.

The downstream fan ensures extracting the polluted air from the odour source by keeping the whole system under negative pressure conditions.

nestralox diagram

The NEUTRALOX® Photoionisation system assembly
NEUTRALOX® Photoionisation units are of modular build-up to allow future expansion. The Photoionisation units are delivered as compact pre-mounted units which minimises installation demand at site.

NEUTRALOX® Photoionisation units essentially consist of housing, dust-filter, UV-compartment and catalysts.

The housing is manufactured of stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI316 – depending on local requirements). The housing consists of an insulated double wall (sandwich build-up) suitable for the respective environmental conditions. All components are easily accessible from the front and/or back side through removable maintenance doors.

Please select from the links below to learn more about the Neutralox Photoionisation odour control system :

pump station
Neutralox photoionisation plant treating odour from a pump station.
sludge tank
Neutralox photoionisation plant treating odour from a sludge tank at an industrial site.
Photoionisation, Fotooxidation, wwtp
Neutralox photoionisation plant treating odour from an underground industrial wastewater balance tank.
gallery_neutralox_5Neutralox photoionisation plant treating odour at a sewage treatment plant.

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