Direct Dewatering of Thin Sludges – Made Possible With the HUBER Q-PRESS®

November 25, 2019

The HUBER Q-PRESS® allows for thickening and dewatering to occur in a single machine!

This allows for cost effective dewatering of thin sludges with solids concentrations as low as 0.5% (5,000 mg/l). Typical dewatering results are in the range of 18 -25% which means a sludge volume reduction of > 96 % in a single step.

The secret is in the design of the wedge wire basket having three treatment zones, with optimally adjusted bar spacings, combined with a tapered screw which gradually imparts increasing pressure on the sludge as it moves towards the discharge.

First stage

The free water is quickly removed by the pressure of the feed pump over a large free filter surface area. A pressure probe in the feed area controls the pressure thus ensuring a constantly high filtrate quality.

Second stage

The volume of material between the screw flights is reduced by the conical screw and the sludge is pressed against the inner screen surface to release water from the sludge, with a continuous reduction of the filter cake thickness.

Third stage

The residual water remaining in the sludge is finally pressed out by the pneumatic counterpressure cone at the discharge. The dewatered sludge is pushed by the conveying screw against the pressure cone into the discharge chamber.

To learn more about the HUBER Q-PRESS® sludge dewatering equipment please Click Here.

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