Hydroflux HyDAF™ Pre-Treatment Selected for Bellbridge Potable Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

September 22, 2021

Hydroflux Epco are delighted to be awarded the supply of a HD75 Hydroflux HyDAF™ Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system for North East Water’s Bellbridge WTP upgrade.

The Bellbridge Water Supply Upgrade will support the growth of the Northern Victorian town by ensuring that there is a sufficient quantity and quality of potable water available all year round. Surface water quality varies seasonally and the Hydroflux HyDAF allows the water treatment plant to operate over a much wider range of feed water quality events which greatly improves water security to the region.

The HyDAF is a well proven technology for removing gross contaminants and will pre-treat raw water sourced from Lake Hume, which is fed from the Murray River. The HyDAF will be installed upstream of a Pressure Media Filtration system which will further filter finer particulate matter, prior to being disinfected to meet Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Without suitable pre-treatment, media filters are prone to being overloaded by solids during turbid and/or algae bloom supply water events which then compromises treated water quality and availability. Pre-treatment not only improves the quality of clean water production it also greatly extends the frequency between filter backwash cycles, thus improving plant recovery and minimising wasted water.

The HyDAF incorporates a custom designed upstream two stage reaction tank to facilitate chemical coagulation and flocculation which enables the contaminants (colour, colloidal solids and algae) to be bound together and then floated to the surface via dissolved air for removal by the inbuilt surface sludge scraper.

The Hydroflux HyDAF is 100% designed and fabricated in Australia.

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