Slide background Organica Water are innovative solutions for the treatment and recycling of wastewater.

Organica Wastewater

This is a Wastewater Treatment Plant

This is a Wastewater Treatment Plant

Is it a wastewater treatment plant or a garden?

This picture is inside an Organica wastewater treatment plant in France and it treats 3.5 MLD of wastewater. Its one of many new Organica systems being used around the world.

Organica is a natural treatment system combining conventional wastewater treatment technology with a botanic ecosystem. Organica uses plant roots that grow into the effluent encouraging bacteria and living organisms to develop.

This creates a completely natural form of treatment providing significant reductions in space, energy use and operating costs.

An Organica plant is designed to look like a greenhouse or garden and is now available in the Australian market, but only from Hydroflux.

The advantages over traditional WWTPs

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