Lowood STP – Energy Efficient Sludge Dewatering Technology

January 24, 2022

The new Lowood STP located in the Somerset Region of South East Queensland was recently commissioned as part of key environmental infrastructure delivered to secure the region’s population growth.

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology was selected for the treatment process which provides high quality discharge to the benefit of local waterways and allows the opportunity for water reuse.

Two large HUBER QPRESS® units were supplied and commissioned by Hydroflux EPCO to dewater the biosolids generated from the MBR process.

The units achieve a greater than 95% volume reduction for this application which minimizes the associated offsite transport/disposal costs.

Operating at less than 1rpm, the machines consume a fraction of the energy as compared to high-speed centrifuges, which also leads to reduced maintenance costs.

An equivalent sized high-speed alternative would emit over 12,000 t/a of additional CO2.

QPRESS® is an inclined screw press used to dewater sludge produced from sewage treatment plants. It results in high volume reduction of the raw liquid sludge that is wasted from the treatment process, leading to a reduction in sludge transport and disposal costs.

Fabricated entirely from stainless steel for superior resistance to corrosion, together with its low energy usage, Water Utilities can benefit from the technology’s low carbon footprint, low maintenance regime and attractive life cycle value.

For further information please contact Hydroflux EPCO on 1300 417 697 or [email protected]

QPRESS® is registered trademark of HUBER SE

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