World’s Largest Biosolids Solar Drying Facility awarded to HUBER SE

August 12, 2022

The Bahr El-Baqar STP located in Egypt will be the largest sewage treatment facility in the world, treating 5000 MLD with the final effluent being returned to the Sinai agricultural region for irrigation, slashing the area’s potable water usage.

HUBER SE were contracted to deliver the world’s largest biosolids solar drying facility.  

Project Highlights

  • 160,000 square meters of Biosolids Drying Area
  • 8 sets of drying lines, each line with 16 greenhouses
  • A total of 128 HUBER Solstice® Sludge Turning Devices each at 11m wide
  • Over 3.6kM of screw conveyors to feed and manage the final dried product

Sustainability Highlights

  • Solar energy is harvested as the heat source, for free!
  • The biosolids generated are dried to 75%DS, leading to a 65 – 70% volume reduction and significant reduction in truck movements, transport costs and the associated CO2 emissions

Technology Highlights

  • HUBER Solstice® mechanism back mixes fresh cake with dried biosolids, eliminating odour release along the drying bed. It’s the only design of this type on the market
  • Low bed depths further reduce any potential for odour release
  • HUBER Solstice® runs on a concrete track with a double shovel design that fully turns and moves the biosolids over the length of the dryer, maximizing drying ability of the sludge  
  • Complete stainless steel fabrication provides increased lifecycle value over carbon steel designs

CLICK HERE to learn more about SOLSTICE® or contact Hydroflux Epco on 1300 417 697 or email [email protected] SOLSTICE® is a registered trademark of HUBER SE

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