The Latest Advancement In Sewage Screening Technology – HUBER RakeMax CF

February 3, 2020

Key Benefits:

  • No washwater requirement
  • High flow capability
  • High screenings capture due to unique U-shape profile (75 – 85%)
  • Ability to remove small rocks and stones
  • Unaffected by grit or sand
  • Heavy Duty construction
  • Optional Integrated bypass

The design is a variation of HUBER’s existing RakeMax screen which is well proven in 1200+ installations around the world.
RakeMax CF offers clients the benefit of high screening efficiency with no washwater demand. This is a key advantage as centre flows with perforated panels require a high quality washwater with a high level of availability.
Furthermore, RakeMax CF can handle a high screenings load and can even remove small stones and rocks.
The unit is available in a number of sizes and widths to suit any channel dimension.
For more information on the RakeMax CF please click here.

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