Sydney Water award an Advanced Sludge Screening Facility to Hydroflux

May 1, 2019

The St Mary’s WRP in Sydney’s west has a connected capacity of 160,000EP and includes an advanced tertiary reuse system.

The plant is undergoing a major upgrade and as part of these works, Hydroflux was awarded the supply of Sludge Screening equipment

Four (4) HUBER Strainpress® Sludge Screens are being installed upstream of the digestion process, to remove fine material, fibre and screenings that would otherwise accumulate within the digesters.

Hydroflux’s scope also includes the associated transfer conveyors and washing/pressing equipment.

The units can be used to screen primary and waste activated sludge. It has also been used to screen scum generated from primary clarifiers.

Strainpress® protects anaerobic digesters, dewatering plants, advanced digester pre-treatment processes and sludge dryers from accumulation of screenings. It allows these processes to operate more efficiently with less maintenance costs.

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