New 9.8M BioCap® Digester Cover lifted into place for the Port Lincoln Wastewater Treatment Plant

March 13, 2020
SA Water’s upgrade of it’s Port Lincoln Wastewater Treatment Plant, led by Guidera O’Connor, will see a new sludge management and processing facility installed at the site.

A new mesophilic anaerobic digester is included as part of the upgrade to enhance the plant’s environmental process and improve the quality of biosolids.

Last week, Hydroflux Epco together with Guidera O’Connor, completed the installation of the 9.8M diameter BioCap® Digester Cover.

A 100 tonne crane was used to lift the BioCap® Cover into place. With favourable weather conditions and thorough investigations prior to the operation, the installation was successful. The BioCap® Cover forms an integral part of the digestion process, providing storage of the biogas that is produced within the digester.

“We also provided ancillaries such as pressure and vacuum breakers, a sampling hatch, and a seal water tank” says Darren Price, Project Manager for Hydroflux Epco Pty Ltd.

Hydroflux Epco have delivered over 80 BioCap® covers for plants across Australasia. Turnkey systems can be provided inclusive of mixing, heat exchange and gas/co gen handling technology.

To learn more about Hydroflux Epco’s BioCap® Digester Covers, please click here.

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