Multiple STP Inlet Screens Awarded to Hydroflux Epco NZ

January 20, 2021

Hydroflux Epco NZ has recently delivered several STP Inlet Screens for treatment plants located in the North Island.

Screening of raw sewage removes gross solids, plastics, bags and other material that would otherwise clog the treatment plant process. Process equipment such as aerators, sludge pumps and mixers can be costly to maintain without an automatic fine screen at the inlet.

HUBER Spiral Screens were selected for the various STPs due to their proven track record in New Zealand, local backup and the fact that the unit is fully fabricated from stainless steel.

“Our screens from HUBER have been proven to be reliable with the lowest life cycle cost. Due to the heavy-duty construction the HUBER Ro9 Spiral Screen is ideal for New Zealand as it requires very little maintenance, operates automatically and includes an integrated compaction zone which does away with the need for separate machines to handle the screenings.

The internals are fully fabricated from stainless steel – even the internal screw auger. We do this as standard to maximise life cycle value” says Orod Roostaee, General Manager of Hydroflux NZ.

The Ro9 Spiral Screen is suitable for flows under 150 L/s and is available in apertures from 1 to 6mm. The screenings removed are washed and compacted via an integrated system within the machine. The units can be installed into concrete channels or stainless steel tanks.

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