HUBER Liquid Drum – Replacing Primary Clarifiers with Fine Screening Technology

September 27, 2019

The drive towards energy neutral sewage treatment has created the need for the addition of primary clarification and anaerobic digestion in plants around the world.

The addition of these stages presents a number of challenges when space is limited. HUBER’s LIQUID Screen Technology overcomes the issue of space limitation when trying to incorporate a primary removal stage as It requires 90% less footprint than traditional clarifiers.

With a growing reference base around the world, many water utilities are moving towards HUBER LIQUID Screen Technology. Key Benefits include:

  • 90% less footprint than traditional clarifiers
  • Significant reduction in capital costs
  • 50 – 60% TSS removal
  • 30 – 40% BOD5 removal
  • 12 – 15% TKN removal
  • Easy to retrofit in new concrete channels or free standing stainless steel tanks
  • Capacity of 50 to 400 L/s in a single unit

The technology is available in a number of sizes and apertures to suit the application. HUBER provide advice on the design of the channels including management of bypass flows and the solids stream.

To learn more about the HUBER Liquid Drums please click here.

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