Advanced HUBER Screw Press Technology For Bribie Island WWTP

November 10, 2017

Hydroflux HUBER has recently completed an upgrade of Bribie Island sewage treatment plant’s entire sludge management facility.

Hydroflux Huber Screw Press Bribie Island STP Hydroflux Australia

A key part of the upgrade involved installing new HUBER QPRESS® Rotary Screw Presses to replace the old belt press technology.

“The latest generation of these screw presses – the HUBER QPRESS® – is proving very popular in both the Australian and international markets. This is because not only does it reduce sludge volumes and disposal costs by up to 80 per cent but also because it is so energy efficient leading to significant power reductions” says Luis Bastos, Director of Hydroflux Huber Pty Ltd.

“Our customers are choosing HUBER QPRESS® over centrifuges because of their outstanding performance – with the lowest energy demand compared with centrifuges, we spin at 0.5 rpm compared with 3000 rpm of centrifuges – and significantly less maintenance compared with centrifuges. The power demand is 90% less. “When you add in the fact we achieve 95% capture or better without the use of downstream screens, it is little wonder that in our view these are the best screw presses in the market,” he adds.

There are two HUBER QPRESS® units at Bribie Island that are processing a total of 9 L/s of WAS. The final cake solids is 18% dry solids and the capture was tested to be 95 – 96%.

The HUBER QPRESS® is available in a variety of sizes and suitable for municipal WAS, primary sludge and industrial sludge streams.

For more information on the HUBER QPRESS® Click Here.

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