Additional HUBER Gear Entrusted to Improve Western Australia’s Second Largest Wastewater Treatment Plant

October 18, 2019

HUBER equipment is renowned for quality, performance and reliability and has been selected as the workhorse for the Beenyup WWTP Sludge Upgrade project allowing the plant to cater for its increased future flows.

The Sludge Upgrade project, appointed to Guidera O’Connor Pty Ltd, will utilise S-Drum® Rotary Screw Thickener technology to thicken primary sludge and thus maximise the sludge retention time in the digesters. This will help to produce more gas for the Energy Recovery program and reduce the amount of biosolids needed to be transported offsite.

Raw Primary Sludge is initially screened with the use of two HUBER Strainpress® Sludge Screens, which will remove grit, rag and other detritus to provide a clean sludge stream for further processing. Four Strainpresses were successfully introduced to Water Corporation’s Beenyup WWTP in 2009.

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