Smart MBR Packages

A new generation of Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) systems for Buildings and Cities.
The HUBER smartMBR is a range of easy to use Membrane Bioreactor systems intended for use small townships, camps and in buildings such as hotels, office blocks, apartment blocks etc.

The Smart MBR has been designed as a simple and cost effective pre-packaged solution for water recycling

It will produce clean safe water which can be reused for non-drinking purposes or discharged safely into the environment. The HUBER smartMBR systems are high quality German design utilising a robust stainless steel tank, with HUBER membrane units.

The treated water discharging from a smartMBR system is typically clean, clear and odour free.

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Reuse applications
Sizes and capacities
Personalised smartMBR's
Case Studies
  • Flushing toilets
  • Irrigation of gardens, golf courses, parks and sports fields
  • Construction activities such as dust suppression, concrete making
  • Floor and pavement washing
Size Capacity (m&#179/d) A (m) B(m) C(m) D(m)
10 10 3.0 1.5 1.4 0.6
15 15 4.4 1.5 1.4 0.6
20 20 4.3 1.75 2.1 0.6
30 30 5.0 2.0 2.1 0.75
50 50 8.0 2.0 2.1 0.75
70 75 10.0 2.0 2.1 0.75

The smartMBR is unique in that it allows the appearance of the units to be personalized with graphics. This gives you control over what they look like, and you can choose if you want them to stand out, or fade into the background.

Some examples of the possibilities you have are:

  • Demonstrate your investment into a more sustainable future by showing your logo or branding, and writing ‘water recycling system’ or similar on the side of the system.
  • Use the space for a useful purpose such as signage, a site map etc.
  • Simply use the space for your own branding.
  • Decorate them with images of trees, flowers, landscapes etc to introduce some nature into an urban environment.
  • Use some children’s artwork from a local school to decorate them, this helps create a bond to the local community.
  • The graphics we use are heavy duty UV resistant.