Slide background Organica Water are innovative solutions for the treatment and recycling of wastewater.


The Organica FCR can Upgrade and Improve Existing WWTPs.

In developed economies, much of the wastewater infrastructure is aging well beyond its original life or operating in excess of its rated capacity.

Existing WWTP being Upgraded with Organica FCR

Existing WWTP being Upgraded with Organica FCR

In addition, many WWTPs are failing to meet increasingly strict effluent requirements, resulting from authorities’ efforts to ensure no hazardous contaminants are discharged into the rivers, lakes, and oceans. Organica transforms these unattractive, foul-smelling, deteriorating, obsolete WWTPs into odour-free botanical gardens that:

  • Can accommodate 2-3 times their original capacity in the same space
  • Can treat the same influent in 50-75% less space, freeing up valuable land for other purposes
  • Improve BOD and nutrient removal> to meet more stringent effluent limits
  • Are more resilient to fluctuations in influent

Hydroflux Epco and Organica can upgrade WWTPs of almost any size with the Organica FCR solution.

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