Slide background Neutralox Odour Control - High efficiency, compact photoionisation alternative
Ideal for both centralised and decentralised removal of wastewater generated odour

Decentralised Odour Control

The Neutralox Photoionisation system is a highly effective alternative odour control process compared to biofilters and chemical scrubbers with lower capital costs and simple operation. It is ideally suited to both centralised and decentralised, at source odour control.

The NEUTRALOX new generation of odour control utilises UV light and catalysts to break down odourous compounds in air in a highly efficient and compact process called Photoionisation.

Please select from the links below to learn more about the Neutralox Photoionisation odour control system :

pump station
Neutralox photoionisation plant treating odour from a pump station.
sludge tank
Neutralox photoionisation plant treating odour from a sludge tank at an industrial site.
Photoionisation, Fotooxidation, wwtp
Neutralox photoionisation plant treating odour from an underground industrial wastewater balance tank.
gallery_neutralox_5Neutralox photoionisation plant treating odour at a sewage treatment plant.

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