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Launder channel

Huber launder Channel for Wash Press Hydroflux

High quality feed systems for screenings wash presses

The HUBER launder channel is designed to compliment the range of wash presses. The launder channel is custom designed to suit each application and available in lengths up to 30m.

The launder channel is fully fabricated in stainless steel and has an extremely high operating reliability and low maintenance requirements.

  • Cost-effective, low maintenance solution
  • High operational reliability
  • Up to 30 m channel length
  • Wastewater or service water as flushing water
  • Stainless steel design for corrosion resistance

Hydroflux Epco can package Dutch Spiral shaftless screw conveying systems designed specifically for the Huber launder Channel. Ideally suited to municipal and industrial sludge’s, wet screenings and grit. For more information on Dutch Spiral shaftless conveyors Click Here




HUBER launder channel Hydroflux

HUBER Launder Channel

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