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Complementing Hydroflux Epco vast experience with a wide range of anaerobic digesters, Hydroflux Epco represents HUBER SE and CNP in Australia. Two European Leaders in Sludge Screening, Sludge Thickening and Phosphate Removal

Huber STRAINPRESS inline sludge screen STP Anaerobic Hydroflux

To learn more about the Sludge Screening, Thickening and Phosphate Removal, please select from one of the links below:
    •   HUBER Strainpress Sludge Screens – Digester Sludge Screens for removing unwanted screenings such as plastics, fine
      rages, cotton buds from biosolids, before it enters your anaerobic digester
    •   HUBER Sludge Thickeners – Rotary screw thickeners designed for thickening of waste activated sludge prior to feeding to your anaerobic digester
    •   CNP Struvite Phosphate Removal – A complete sludge optimisation and phosphorus recovery system that’s installed between anaerobic digestion and sludge dewatering steps

As a pioneer in Australia, Hydroflux Epco continues to offer EPCO Australia’s complete design, build, install and refurbishment service. Our commitment to our clients does not end with the delivery of the project and we support our clients so that that their plants continue to operate at their full design capacity well into the future.