Slide background Hydroflux MBR Packaged Sewage Treatment Systems - Deployable or Permanent Solution for Resorts, Mining and Construction Camps and Emergency Relief Operations

Containerised MBR’s

Hydroflux has a number of containerised MBR systems available ex stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

final-3-containers-3Ideally suited to treat domestic wastewater from camps or resorts, the system will produce effluent of high quality enough to be discharged to coastal, surface or brackish waterways or to be reclaimed for irrigation.

Each MBR is designed to treat the wastewater generated by the equivalent of 250 persons (EP) – It’s modular concept can easily be scaled up for larger camps. Pump stations and splitter systems are included with modular designs for larger camps.

Hydroflux Containerised MBR systems – Designed with simplicity, flexibility and durability in mind.

mbr mine construct camp sewage treatment hydroflux

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on systems for:

    •   Mining Exploration
    •   Construction
    •   Emergency Relief
    •   Military Operations


For details on the suitability and sizing of the containerised MBR systems for Construction Camps, Emergency Relief, Military Operations or Mining Exploration please click here .

mbr mine construct camp sewage treatment hydroflux

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on systems for:

    •   Resorts
    •   Holiday Camps
    •   Hotel Complexes
    •   Caravan Parks
    •   Camp Grounds


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